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$ 129.99

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Need help setting up a wireless network? Have multiple computers in your house or office? Get connected with a home / office network. A wired or wireless network allows multiple devices to interact with one another to share files, printers or other resources and an Internet connection. One of our vetted, local technology professionals will perform your home / office network setup and make sure it’s working smoothly.

What's included:

        • Install newly purchased, customer-supplied network router
        • Enable existing internet connection and setup wifi
        • Connect up to two (2) existing devices
        • Setup file and printer sharing on the devices
        • Map network drive where applicable
        • Enable standard encryption & security features
        • 90-day labor warranty

          Out of scope:

            • Device not included, price is for installation only
            • No diagnostic, repair or parts are included with this service
            • Requires existing, compatible network
            • Setup or diagnosis of an opened computer/device where the setup was not able to be completed by the customer (please schedule a 1-Hour Tech Consultation if you need help troubleshooting)
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              Smart Home Expert Service

              Peace of Mind

              Get peace of mind by having an expert take care of your setup and make sure it’s all working smoothly. All work is guaranteed.
              Local Installation Experts


              Our local crews are professionally screened by our unique and in-depth process. We leave no stone unturned. Read more
              Home Service Professionals


              Our Home Service Professionals have installed, repaired, and maintained thousands of products in homes all across the country.

              Frequently Asked Service Questions

              What does the price include?

              The price is for labor only. No product is included.

              Why should I hire a professional?

              Avoid potentially expensive mistakes

              A professional brings experience to the table, resulting in work that is efficiently completed and reliable. Many seemingly simple installations & repairs can be quite involved and when performed improperly have the potential to cause or result in unnecessary expense and/or damage to your home.


              If you lack experience with complex systems around your home, do not attempt to go it alone and guess your way through it. Not only could you cause yourself harm, but you could also create a potentially unsafe situation in your home if things are done incorrectly.


              Do you really have the time? A lot of people have every intention of doing it themselves, but then "life happens" and days, weeks, or months go by and they just don't get around to it. Tackling things yourself will take up a certain amount of your precious time that could be used focusing on more important areas of your life. Not to mention that once you start, something may happen that pulls you away, leaving you with an incomplete project. Make it simple and hire a professional to come knock it out in a timely manner, leaving you with time and peace of mind.

              Do you service my area?

              Our corporate headquarters is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. However, our licensing and extensive service provider network encompass the entire U.S. We have a national network of over 34,000 service professionals that specialize in home improvement and repair services, as well as, product installation, assembly and setup.

              What if I have multiple items?

              We can handle them all! If you have multiple devices you would like to have installed or repaired, just add each service and the quantity to your cart to see any applicable savings.

              How long will the service take?

              The actual time is dependent on the type and number of products included in your order, but for most products the service will be completed in less than an hour.

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